Monday 2 June 2014

Francois Ghanem - Now in Damaraland

Onward to Damaraland.
Our drive from Etosha area to Khorixas was an easy drive on paved roads.  Khorixas would be our  base for one night.  While planning the trip we made the difficult choice of reducing the number of nights from two so that we can workout flights and have an additional night in Cape Town.
We wanted to visit several landmarks in the area including Twyfelfontein (historic rock paintings), Organ-Pipes (rock formations), Burnt Mountain, and Petrified Forest.
Our run in paved roads ended a few KMs out of Khorixas. To get to the spots mentioned travel on C and D roads is necessary.  C roads are "primary" unpaved and have a posted speed limit of 100 KMs.  D roads are "secondary" unpaved and are much worse that C roads.  While one may get long stretches of C roads that handle almost like paved roads, there will be stretches that are rutted and uneven.  D roads tended to be like driving on a washboard.
Needless to say the drive to the sites was slow - as I had planned it to be - average speed was 60 KMs or even less on the D roads as we got closer to the sites.
Also keep in mind that it is not advisable to drive in the dark in Namibia.  So we simply ran out of time and did not see all the sites planned.  We actually decided to skip Organ Pipes and turned back due to the condition of the D road.
So after a day of mostly bone jarring and teeth rattling driving we saw some great rock formations and spectacular sites and landscapes - some of it reminicient of what one would see in the southwest of the USA.
Wish we had more time to explore but we must move on.  Two nights would be ideal to visit the areas of interest here and would strongly consider hiring a guide/driver for the day for a circuit tour of the sites.  I think this would be easier driving (you are not doing it) and will be more convenient and efficient in an allotted day or two.

Swakopmud is our next stop.

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