Saturday 15 February 2014

Safari or a Refrigerator?

"Don't forget", I used to say to my team, back in the day, "if we mess up we can always refund the money, but we can't refund the time".

It is the reason why we strive so hard to make sure that every detail and piece of planning is done with meticulous care and attention.

Buying a holiday can be a major financial decision that, nowadays, also has to be considered in the context of the grotty global economic climate and the inevitable list of boring necessities that seem to get more expensive and onerous as time goes by!

On returning home from safari - what do you have to show for the money spent? 

Well, I think that a holiday is more than an intangible moment of fun - I think it is mind-broadening, relaxing, exciting, and can certainly be life changing.  In the busy-ness of life we often lose sight of who we are and what our dreams and aspirations are.  It is all we can do to make it through the challenges that face us in our day to day lives.  But, we leave all that behind us when we set off on our holiday adventure - and return with incredible memories of new sights and sounds and experiences that rejuvenate us, mentally and physically, and provide a store of hope and joy that we draw on once we return to the routine of our ordinary lives!

So - perhaps you make do with your too-old refrigerator/car/washing machine or wife, for another year, but it is my view that the sacrifice is more than worth it.

Yes - a holiday may be the delivery of a dream - but the wonder of it is real and lasting

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